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Mario RPG Rom – The Nr. 1 Game of all times

Download the Mario RPG ROM here below. Games are one of such a thing which every person or human being in this world definitely love to play with. These games give very much enjoyment and fun while playing, and so it is actually very good to play games.

There are many generations of games and consoles, also in the present world, the number of games increased a lot. All these are super fun and exciting to play with. Online games have become very common and so people are enjoying them even more whenever they want to play.

There are many famous games in the present generation which people are completely crazy about and one of such a game is Mario RPG Rom. This is one such a game anyone will just love to play by all means.

Download the Mario RPG ROM Files

There are many series of Mario which has become very famous and this is also one of those series of games. It is a known fact that Mario game is very much popular all over the world in very less time. There are many series which are released based on Mario and almost most of them have become popular in very less time and one important thing is that everyone completely loved playing these games.

One of those fascinating and highly popular super cool Mario series is Mario RPG Rom. This game is also known as the legend of seven stars as its game plot and storyline are very much fascinating and attractive that people easily understand the game while they play even though they are beginners. Not only these but there are many other reasons too, which proves that this game is one of the super game which everyone will love just y getting to know the storyline and the way it is designed. This game is developed by square and was published by Nintendo.

The plot of Super Mario ROM

Here the game world is highly attractive and especially peaceful too. People will feel happy and ease while seeing the game whole world as it is very much peaceful, covered with mountains, etc. but one thing here is that, the game world will never be same for all the regions or levels in the game. They do keep changing from one region to another and they will define that particular region alone.

  • The mushroom kingdom is especially inhabited by many toads.
  • Moleville region will be inhabited especially with moles.
  • Monstro Town is inhabited by reformed monsters.
  • Yo’ster Isle is place or region where Yoshi is highly inhabited and not only this but all of his eponymous species also reside here too.
  • Nimbus land is one of the regions which are inhabited by cloud people.
  • Bowsers castle is another prominent location where which is inhabited by a portal to the main antagonist’s homeworld.
mario rpg rom

In this way, all the regions involved in this game will be given their own preferences and also settings which are specially designed for them alone. The main goal of the Mario here is to rescue princess preach which is similar in all other series too.

Princess Peach is also known as princess toadstool and she should be rescued from Bowser. Till here everything is the same when compared to other series but at this point, there will be an unexpected twist which is even more thrilling and fun-filled to play with.

The twist here is that smithy gang will invade the world along with a large group of an army. So here Mario will attempt to stop the group and in this process, he will meet mallow who is a cloud boy. But he thinks himself as a tadpole. And Mario also meets up with Geno which is a doll possesses by a celestial spirit from the star road. Bowser will be deserted by his own army as they are scared of smith army and his gang.

Princess toadstool lost in the turmoil with Smith and she was captured by him. So now it is Mario’s responsibility to save the princess and that is the final step in the game too. This Smithy gang is led by Smithy. This smithy is a robotic blacksmith who is from an alternate dimension with aspiration from all over the world domination.


Not only the storyline and plot of the game, but the gameplay here is also very interesting to look at. When compared to all the other series of Mario with this game, there are some similarities. They are – the final fantasy series, the story, gameplay and much more but especially these. This game has two important sections which are most likely similar in all other super Mario games too. They are:-

  • Turn-based battle sequences
  • Adventuring

These two are being followed by as a tradition from many other Mario games too. Not only this, but they are very important especially in this game. One thing which is different from other games is that this game is completely 3D platform-based and this is also one of the reasons which attract people allot in the game.

The other thing which is fascinating here in the game when compared to other Mario series game is that in general enemies keep attacking us in other games. But in this game, only if and only if you get in to touch with them, they start attacking you. This method of attacking will help the player to evade unnecessary battles and many more.

Mario will be controlled by the player only in the beginning and the player will gain some other five more parties along with him. These five parties will be with Mario throughout the game and help him in various methods possible to reach the end and collect all the star pieces and save the princess peach. Among these five characters, only three of them will be used for battle purposes. Each and every character here in the game will have their own powers and uniqueness which will help Mario when in trouble or in battle too.

  • Princess Toadstool has the ability to heal primarily when compared to all other characters.
  • Geno and Bowser have the ability of offensive attacking which will be very much helpful in dealing damages in hefty amounts.

Like this, all the other characters will also have their own abilities which will help in the game. These abilities can be used while choosing the attack, defend, run, use an item, perform magic from combat menu and also in many other situations based on the need of the game. So this can be chosen by the player.